Super Saver - When to stock-up?

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(WZZM) - Stocking-up on necessities is a great way to save a lot of money when an item goes on sale.  Same goes for when you have coupons, but combining sales and coupons is the best way to stock-up and save.  That's one of the things  helps its members do. 

"You can always save money. It just depends on how much you want to save," said Sarah Ferguson of Savingsangel. "If you're brand loyal, then you'll just have to stock-up more when that brand goes on sale and if you're not as brand loyal then you'll get great deals on things like toothpaste, every week." 

Savingsangel recently put out a list of grocery items and the out of pocket price at which you should stock-up.  "It's our personal opinion at that these are the price points that we would stock up on things," said Ferguson. 

Aunt Jemima Syrup with a regular price of $4.39, savingsangel says don't stock-up until is costs you $1.00 or lower out of pocket.  Otherwise you're passing up your maximum savings. 

All of the items on this list have a shelf life of at least a few months, so there is no real risk of spoilage. 

Another item on the list, Teddy Grahams or another regular sized box of snack cookies.  At a regular price of $2.99, again Savingsangel recommends you only stock-up when it's at $1.00 out of pocket or lower. 

At $1.23, box of pasta should cost you no more than .50 cents out of pocket after coupons and sales.  Savingsangel recently showed its customers how to spend just .17 cents per box.  "It's just so often that pasta goes on sale and it has a coupon.  To walk into a store and pay $1.23 for this, we don't think you should ever do that," says Ferguson. 

We quizzed two local women, Judy Steffen and Michelle Patterson, who think they are "Super Savers" to see how they would do when tested on whether to stock-up at a certain price or wait until the out of pocket price is lower.  They each got 5 of the 8 prices correct, but where we really fooled them was on our grand finale.  Savingsangel gave us ten items with a total price of $32.26.  The items consisted of Tres Semme Hair Spray, Jergens Lotion, Colgate Toothpaste, Degree Deodorant, Always Pads, Halls Cough Drops and a few other items.  The ladies guessed $6 and $8 for those ten items with a regular price of $32.26.  They were both still too high, explains Ferguson. 

"I got everything (on the table) free.  These are all items at that we recommend you never pay for because it's so often that they go on sale and there's a coupon and you can get these items free.  If the $8 lotion goes on sale for $3.99 and a month ago there was a coupon in the paper for $4 off, Savingsangel remembers that for you and they will tell you to go back and find this coupon, take it to the store and you can get your lotion free.  I haven't bought toothpaste in years.  I tell people that and they can't believe it.  I say, 'Well I have tons in my house, I just haven't purchased it, I get it for free." 

Here's a list of some of the other stock-up prices from  To read the full list stock up prices and how to maximum your savings, click on this link to, scroll to the bottom and click on "blog" and then look for the WZZM-13 logo. 

  • Gogurt or Danimals,  regular price $2.50, stock-up price $1.00
  • Juicy Juice 100% Juice, regular price $3.29, stock-up price $1.25
  • Mott's Apple Sauce 6 pack, regular price $2.99, stock-up price $1.50
  • Golden Grahams Cereal or any regular sized box of cereal, regular price $3.29, stock-up price $1.00
  • Ragu or any regular sized jar of Spaghetti Sauce, regular price $2.29, stock-up price $1.00

By Derek Francis

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