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In the Kitchen w/Kal: Angel Cake Surprise

9:24 AM, Mar 25, 2012   |    comments
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File image of Kal Kamyszek.


1 Angel Food Cake Mix-made according to package directions & cooled

2 pints Whipping Cream

6 tablespoons White Sugar

1 ½ teaspoons Vanilla

¼ cup Maraschino Cherries-drained & quartered

¼ cup Crushed Pineapple-drained well

¼ pound Mini Marshmallows

½ cup Walnuts-chopped (optional)


Combine 1 cup Cream, 3 tablespoons of Sugar and ½ teaspoon Vanilla. Whip with mixer until cream is peaked; do not overbeat. Fold in the Fruit and Marshmallows until combined well. Keep chilled.


Cut a 1 inch slice across the top of the cake and set aside. Using a serrated knife, cut out a ring in the cake, leaving one inch on each side and a well 2 inches deep. Pull the cut pieces of cake out to leave an opening for the filling. Fill the opening with the filling and place the top slice of the cake on top.

Whip the remaining 1 ½ cups Whipping Cream with 3 tablespoons of Sugar and 1 teaspoon Vanilla. Completely frost the cake with the Whipped Cream and chill the entire cake.

Decorate with some pineapple chunks & cherries before serving.

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