Genevieve Gorder Shares Home Color Tips

12:35 PM, Apr 23, 2012   |    comments
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When designing a room, color is one of the most powerful elements in any designer's toolbox. With a uniquely transcendent power to lift moods and brighten spirits, color and its incorporation can transform a space completely.

Color can be brought into your home in a variety of ways. Several elements come together to create a room's unique palette, including grounding colors, neutrals and saturated colors. The first step in creating a new look for your space is experimenting with different colors to find the one that gives a room the right personality. But where do we go from here? 

Interior designer and television host Genevieve Gorder helps you find the best look for any space. A truly balanced room should consist of a color you love, accompanied by complementary shades and versatile accent pieces. In her years as a designer, Genevieve has become a seasoned expert when it comes to the balance and optimization of these elements. With her tips, you can ensure satisfaction with your color choices and the mood they create in your personal space.

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