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Why is O negative blood so special

"Their blood cells can be given to anyone." LeeAnn Weitekamp is the Medical Director for MI Blood

3:49 PM, May 28, 2013

Planes crash at Oshkosh Air Show in Wisconsin

One person died when two airplanes collided at the far end of the north-south runway at Wittman Regional Airport Friday afternoon in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Our newspaper

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8:02 PM, Jul 27, 2007

Restaurant closes after violations, reality TV show

It was in business for more than three decades, but now a Douglas restaurant has been shut down because of numerous health code violations.

7:02 PM, Dec 18, 2013

Severe storms spawn tornado, funnel clouds; Thousands without power

The National Weather Service is sending out crews Friday to survey the damage from two rounds of severe weather.

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Photo gallery of images from the storms

4:57 AM, Jul 23, 2010

Aaron's Adventure: Jumping at the Sky Zone

Aaron travels to the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Kentwood.

8:19 AM, Mar 30, 2013

Chief Financial Officer of Amway dies suddenly

Russ Evans, the executive vice president and chief financial officer for Amway, has died.

2:10 PM, Jan 31, 2011

6-year-old boy dies after accident at Great Wolf Lodge

A 6-year-old boy from Livonia, Michigan died last night after an accident at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.

9:50 AM, Aug 21, 2008

Hypnotist Rick Wheeler

11:28 AM, Nov 4, 2011

Special report on panhandling in West Michigan

There are no prerequisites for this job; all you need is a marker, some cardboard, and an idea for a slogan to really sell your story.

6:23 AM, Jul 16, 2013

Northwest Flight 2501 crashed into Lake Michigan June 23, 1950

At the time, it was considered America's worst commercial aviation disaster. Today, it remains one of our country's most mysterious plan crashes.

6:31 PM, May 16, 2012

West Michigan sex trafficking investigation

You may not think that West Michigan is a hot spot for sex trafficking. But a national organization finds Michigan's women, girls and young boys are at risk.

8:18 AM, May 14, 2013

Meet West Michigan's swingers

Underneath West Michigan's conservative exterior, a subculture is redefining commitment for themselves.

5:48 PM, Jul 11, 2011

Road rage shootout leaves two drivers dead

Two drivers are dead after a road rage incident escalated into a shootout. The incident happened around 7 p.m. Wednesday on M-66 near Steele Street.

6:43 PM, Sep 19, 2013

Grand Haven Eagles and the Coast Guard Festival

The Grand Haven Eagles 925 brings a concert series to the Coast Guard Festival.

8:10 AM, Jul 29, 2012

Made in Michigan - Fence Row Furniture

An Ottawa County company gives old barns new purpose.

1:45 PM, Nov 30, 2012

Does the IRS owe you money? Here is the complete list of Michiganders

Here's the list of 1,843 Michiganders who are owed tax refunds from the federal government, but the post office has returned their checks as undeliverable to the Internal Revenue Service

10:24 AM, Oct 26, 2005

Woman crashes car into gas station

Police say alcohol was a factor when a woman crashed her car into a gas station.

3:33 PM, Nov 5, 2013

'Extreme Home' family, one year later

One year after the ABC television show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" gave the Nickless family a new house - and thrust them into the limelight - reality has returned.

2:58 PM, Oct 11, 2009

MUST SEE Chincoteague Pony Swim

The wild ponies make the annual swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island in the attached report from The Daily Times of Salisbury, Maryland.

9:29 AM, Jul 29, 2010
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